Best LP Gas Companies in Bangladesh

LP Gas is a natural gas that has been liquefied and is used as a fuel for cooking, heating, lighting, and powering vehicles. Gas Companies in Bangladesh are the best option to go with when it comes to supplying this vital commodity.

It will provide you with all of the answers to your questions about LP Gas, from what it can do for you or your business. Why it’s important not only now but also into the future, and how much money you save by choosing them over other suppliers.

Top LP Gas Companies in Bangladesh Market in 2021

1. Bashundhara LP Gas

Bashundhara LP Gas is one of the most trusted natural gas suppliers in Bangladesh. They are committed to providing top-notch customer service and have a reliable track record for delivering on their promises.

If you’re looking for dependable, affordable supplies at prices that don’t break your budget, then Bashundhara might be right for you!

At Bashundhara we take pride in our commitment to provide quality products with friendly customer care professionals.

2. Jamuna Gas

Jamuna Gas is a company that provides natural gas for domestic use. One of the most prominent products they provide is LPG cylinders which can be refilled to make cooking and other daily activities easier on household budgets.

Jamuna Gas has been part of Bangladeshi life since 1976, providing an affordable alternative to those who rely solely or primarily on firewood as their source of heat. The brand’s name means “the beloved one” in Sanskrit – a perfect moniker given how new generations continue to turn towards it.

This more environmentally-friendly fuel option without hesitation!

3. Orion Gas

Orion Gas is a company that deals with the transportation and storage of natural gas. It can be both an awful smell on its own, but it also makes for one great way to irritate your friends by using their lighter.

The gases are generally odorless when they’re stored in tanks or pipelines so make sure you don’t light up while handling them! 

Given some time, Orion’s facilities may offer other opportunities such as cooking food indoors without having to worry about smoke from fires.

There could easily come a day where we all just have BBQs inside our house if this happens!


LAUGFS Gas Bangladesh is a group that works to provide affordable gas for people in rural areas. It’s common knowledge the cost of living has risen dramatically over recent years.

And this means many more families cannot afford utilities like electricity or natural gas heating. LAUGFS provides an alternative. So all can stay safe and warm during the winter months while still being able to enjoy other parts of life.

Such as education or work opportunities outside their homes due to harsh weather conditions. The organization continues its efforts year-round by assisting villages with social welfare programs including health awareness workshops on topics like nutrition, hygiene practices, and family planning.

5. Omera LPG 

Omera is one of the largest LPG companies in Bangladesh. It provides propane gas for use as cooking fuel and other uses, including powering diesel generators that generate electricity during outages or failures at electric grids.

One major way their work has made an impact on Bangladeshi people’s lives was when they provided over 3 million rural households with free natural gas connections beginning around 2000-2001. This helped reduce health problems associated with indoor air pollution from open fires used to cook food. Because it dramatically reduced smoke inhalation exposure. 

It also helps contribute substantially towards preserving forests by decreasing wood consumption needed for charcoal production. Which saves forest resources while reducing deforestation rates created through mining operations typically done illegally without much environmental regulation.

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