Best Monitor Brand in Bangladesh in 2021

Choosing a Computer Monitor Brand in Bangladesh can be daunting. There are so many brands to choose from, and each one has something different to offer.

Whether you’re looking for the best Computer Monitor Brand in Bangladesh that is budget-friendly or one with great customer service. There will be an option for you on this list of ten Computer Monitor Brands in Bangladesh!

Top 5 Monitor Brand in Bangladesh Market


Asus is one of the most popular brands among monitor sellers in Bangladesh. The brand makes reliable, high-quality monitors with a variety of features that suit any need and budget. Check out these models to get started.

To make your decision easier, here are some handy buying tips about choosing an ASUS Monitor Brand for you or someone special this upcoming holiday season!

2. LG

LG is a Korean electronics company that specializes in manufacturing TVs, computer products, and home appliances.

Slim bezel designs are the latest trend for LG monitors as they create an ultra-slim border around your screen. Which eliminates distractions from the outside world by making you focus on what’s happening inside of it.

With built-in wireless keyboards and touchpads to make multitasking easy, this new generation has everything you need right at your fingertips!

3. ViewSonic

ViewSonic monitors are the best in Bangladesh because they have a wide range of features, like different screen modes and multiple ports. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to watch movies from their computer or just surf the internet with ease on bigger screens.

Viewsonic Monitors were first introduced as one of Japan’s leading monitor brands. But quickly became popular all across Asia thanks to its advanced technology that would eventually become standard among many other affordable brands today.

Such as Samsung and LG – making Viewsonics this generation’s quintessential accessory!

4. Samsung

Samsung has long been a household name in the technology industry. The company exports to more than 170 countries, and it is also one of Asia’s top-selling brands for smartphones as well as home appliances like air conditioners.

With so many investments across different markets, Samsung Monitor Brand can be found throughout Bangladesh too! And with sales going up by nearly 30% year over year last quarter alone according to their most recent financial reports.

There will likely soon come a time when you won’t have far to go if your TV needs an upgrade or replacement screen, that only quality Korean monitors provide!

5. Walton

Walton Monitor Brand is a company that manufactures monitors for personal computers, televisions, and computer displays.

In Bangladesh, Walton monitor has been providing high-quality products to customers at reasonable prices with minimum defect rates. Such as dead pixels or bad color uniformity, etc in the market of other brands like LG or Sony.

They are exporting their product not only inside but also outside country borders. So that people can buy them from anywhere they want them without any hassle during the transportation process.

And get value for money prices on every purchase irrespective of where you live all around the globe!

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