Discover the Best Cycle Brands in Bangladesh

Cycling has become a trend in Bangladesh. The cycle is the best mode of transportation for short distances and it doesn’t cost much to maintain.

Cycle brands have been introduced by many companies in Bangladesh, but not all are worth buying. Read through this article to know about some of the best cycle brands available in Bangladesh that will serve you well!

Here are Top Cycle Brands in Bangladesh

1. Phoenix

Phoenix Cycle Brands is a company in Bangladesh that manufactures bicycles. They are known for their high quality and durability, which make them popular among the locals who depend on bikes as transportation.

The family-owned business has been around since 1973 when they started with just two employees making bamboo framed cycles.

To sell in rural areas of Dhaka without access to cars or public transit systems such as buses or trains due to the lack of paved roads at an affordable price point (less than $200).

Today, over 1400 people work there – from engineers designing new models all the way down to factory hands assembling frames by hand while listening to music through headphones. So you can rest assured your order will be done right!

2. Duranta

Duranta Cycle Brands is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers in Bangladesh. They are a company that has been around for over 10 years.

And they pride themselves on their durability products as well as having an environmentally friendly approach to manufacturing.

Duranta Cycles was created with sustainability at its core by making each product last longer than your average bicycle. So you wouldn’t have to buy another bike all year round as most people do here in America or other countries, where cycling isn’t such a mainstream choice of transportation.

3. Veloce

Veloce Cycle Brands has been making bicycles in Bangladesh since the beginning of its bicycle production, which was over five years ago.

I is one of the top brands for children’s bikes and they are a leading manufacturer as well with more than 1000 workers. Assembling these quality products every day at their factory near Dhaka.

Veloce’s have also had success exporting to markets outside Southeast Asia.

4. Avon

In Bangladesh, Avon Cycle Brands is making an effort to provide bikes. For rural women who live in areas where there are no buses or trains.

The company provides these clever three-wheelers that have a basket on the front. And can be used as both modes of transportation and storage vehicles for manual labor jobs like picking vegetables at marketplaces.

They also employ locally trained mechanics so that even if parts break down they will not be completely out of luck. Furthermore, all repairs done by local technicians are half price!

These nifty machines make it possible for those without the means to afford them better opportunities than ever before. While staying within their budget – giving customers more bangs per buck!

5. Foxter 

Foxter Cycle Brands manufactures a range of bicycle products in Bangladesh for export around the world.

The brand, an exporter and manufacturer of bikes that have been based out of Dhaka. Since 1976, is one company that sees success with their investment here.

The city’s manufacturing industries offer benefits like low business costs and country-wide competitive labor prices. Due to it being home to some 300 million people making it is virtually impossible not to find workers at any desired quality level.

Or skill set you may be seeking which are both very affordable as well!

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