Most Popular Bike Brands in Bangladesh

As a country with a huge and growing population, Bangladesh has many people who are interested in purchasing bikes. Bike brands have been popping up all over the country to meet this demand.

Bike prices can vary depending on which brand you buy, so it is important for consumers to do their research before buying one of these products.

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the most popular bike brands in Bangladesh.

Which are the top bike brands in Bangladesh?


It is hard to find bikes in Bangladesh these days, which leads a lot of people with transportation needs to scramble for solutions. BAJAJ Motorcycle Company has recently expanded its business into the Bangladeshi market, bringing more options and opportunities.

This new venture will provide much-needed jobs as well as entertainment for locals who have little else to do outside of working or watching television at home.

BAJAJ’s entrance onto the Bangladeshi scene brings not only an interesting option. But also many benefits that are sure to make this company happy they decided on expanding there!


Honda has been in Bangladesh for nearly 40 years. In that time, they have spread to every corner of the country – even into remote areas where people might not otherwise be able to afford a quality motorcycle.

Honda Motorcycles began their business venture in 1973. When The Honda Group established an agreement with local companies MAG and PPGM.

This partnership created HONDA Bike Company LTD. Which would become locally owned by Bengali investors after establishing success as a company throughout Europe and Asia.

Ever since then, this motorcycle company has been growing steadily while maintaining its high standards of excellence. Today it is one of the top brands on Bangladeshi roads.

Because customers know they can depend on them anywhere from Dhaka traffic jams all the way up north past.


Yamaha is the number one company that manufactures quality bikes in Bangladesh. The top models of Yamaha include different sizes and specifications for various needs including touring, sport biking, commuting to work, etc.

Their best-selling bike model is a 250cc motorcycle that has enough power. But isn’t too big or heavy to handle easily on smaller roads without traffic jams as well as highways where it can reach speeds up to 130 kmph.

With ease enabling riders safety at all times while maintaining control over their ride!

4. TVS

TVS bikes are made in Bangladesh and they come in an enormous range of colors. The TVS brand has been around for a long time, so its history is rich enough to have influenced the color scheme that it offers today.

The company manufactures more than two million motorcycles each year! Some people may be surprised about this but if you think about how many motorbikes there are worldwide then those numbers don’t seem too crazy at all.

Especially considering that these aren’t just run-of-the-mill generic machines either. They’re some quality products we’re talking about here!


The Hero Bike is a sustainable business model in Bangladesh. These bikes are assembled by hand and have been designed to be as affordable for the local population, as possible without sacrificing quality.

The goal of these bike assemblers, who work at home or on street corners with their children’s help.

Provide Bangladeshi people access to a reliable form of transportation while also providing themselves an additional income opportunity. They can use sustainably overtime after retirement from farming jobs that offer little pay and few benefits such as healthcare coverage or social security.

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