Daily & Weekly Eight Rangpur Newspaper Finally Closed

Daily & Weekly Eight Rangpur Newspaper Finally Closed. The deputy commissioner has announced to stop printing, distribution and publication of these newspapers published from Rangpur district.

There are 4 daily and 4 weekly newspapers. Deputy Commissioner Asib Ahsan said the decision was taken as the publication of these newspapers had been stopped for a long time.

Closed Rangpur Newspaper are: Seraful Hossain’s Dainik Gono Alo, Abdul Aziz Chowdhury Saeed’s Daily Notun Shopno, Syeda Nasrin Sultana’s Daily Baher News, ASM Rubaiyat Farman’s Daily Rangpur Chitro, Shah Alam Kabir’s weekly Uttorer Halchal, Abdul Halim Ansari Weekly Tufan, Shah Mobbasarul Islam’s weekly Kaunia & Debashish Das’s Weekly somorthon.

According to the Rangpur district administration, the newspapers banned under the Printing and Publishing (Declaration and Registration) Act, 1973 have not been published for three months or more.

The editors and publishers of these magazines have failed to give reasons for not continuing their publication.

Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of sub-section 9 (3-a) of the law, the declarations of these newspapers have been canceled and subsequent printing, distribution and publication have been banned.

The deputy commissioner Asib Ahsan said, “the newspapers had not been published for a long time. When asked for an answer, they could not give a satisfactory answer. Therefore, according to the law, the newspapers have been declared closed by letter.”

Closed Eight Rangpur Newspaper List

Newspaper NameFormetPublisher Name
Gono Alo Daily Seraful Hossain
Notun Shopno Daily Abdul Aziz Chowdhury Saeed
Baher News Daily Syeda Nasrin Sultana
Rangpur Chitro Daily ASM Rubaiyat Farman
Uttorer Halchal Weekly Shah Alam Kabir
Tufan Weekly Abdul Halim Ansari
Kaunia Weekly Shah Mobbasarul Islam
Somorthon Weekly Debashish Das
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