The Best Electric Bike Brands in Bangladesh

The electric bike market in Bangladesh is not as large as the electric car market, but that does not mean electric bikes are any worse. In fact, electric bikes can be a great way for people to get around if they live in an area with a lot of hills or just want to save some money on gas.

There are many different companies making electric bikes and it might seem daunting at first trying to figure out which one is best. This article will provide you with information about some of the top electric bike brands found in Bangladesh!

Top Electric Bike Brands in Bangladesh Market

1. Exploit Bike

Exploit Electric Bike is a young company from Bangladesh that has the goal of making electric bikes affordable for everyone.

This Electric Bikes in an initiative started by some students at MIT to make access to bicycles easier and cheaper. Especially if you live on flat land with no hills nearby as most people do not have cars or public transportation available.

They let their research determine where they would set up shop first: Bangladesh!

2. Akij Durbar

The Akij Durbar Electric Bike is an innovative new concept for a sustainable future. The lightweight, eco-friendly bicycle uses pedal power and a rechargeable battery to commute long distances in Bangladesh.

Making it perfect for the developing country of 160 million people. It’s designed with safety first too! This one has front and backlights, reflective panels on both sides.

So cars can see you coming from all angles which makes this bike not only great at getting around but also keeping cyclists safe as well. If cycling isn’t your thing then maybe driving is?

3. Runner

Runner Electric Bikes are a great way to get around the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. They offer an environmentally friendly and affordable alternative to motorcycles or public transportation in this bustling coastal metropolis.

The bikes have been embraced by locals as they can be rented for just 25 TK per day which is substantially cheaper than most others. It’s easy on your budget, doesn’t cause pollution, and you don’t need much space.

It folds up into three separate pieces when not being used!

4. Bir

A new and innovative way for people to commute in Bangladesh was unveiled this morning, a high-tech bike. Named the Bir Electric Bike (BEB) after one of our national heroes.

It is designed mainly with commuters specifically in mind due to its lightweight design. That’s easy enough for anyone who can’t afford an automobile or motorcycle means of transportation.

A battery makes up about 30% of its weight so you’ll only need 20 minutes’ worth of pedaling time before being able to ride all day without fear of running out anywhere!

5. Green Tiger

Green Tiger Electric Bikes is a new and emerging form of transportation that is quickly gaining popularity. This eco-friendly vehicle provides an alternative to the more conventional modes of transport in Bangladesh.

Such as cars or buses which emit excessive carbon pollution into our atmosphere. The owners save money on gas while also avoiding having to pay for parking spaces at their destinations!

Furthermore, this option reduces traffic congestion since it does not use any fuel whatsoever. So there will be fewer drivers clogging up busy streets with vehicles emitting smoke from exhaust pipes.

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