The Best Furniture Brand in Bangladesh 2021

Bangladesh is a country with a population of over 160 million people. It’s one of the most densely populated countries in Asia and it’s difficult to find space for family gatherings or parties.

Because there are so many people living in such close proximity to each other. If you’re looking for furniture that will help accommodate your guests, then Best Furniture Brand should be your go-to company!

Best Furniture Brand offers high-quality furniture at competitive prices. They have been providing Bangladesh with beautiful home and office furniture since 2005. Making them the best choice if you want to make sure that everyone has enough room to relax after work.

Here are the Top 5 Brand in Bangladesh for Funiture

1. Hatil Furniture

Hatil Furniture is a family-run business in Bangladesh that has been manufacturing furniture since 1978.

The Company was founded Latifur Rahman, who started it with his wife and two sons following their immigration to Canada from what was then East Pakistan (now present-day Bangladesh).

HatiL produces high-quality wooden beds which are exported worldwide across Europe, Australia, Asia Pacific Islands as well as North America.

2. Partex Furniture

Manufactured in Bangladesh for over 50 years, Partex Furniture is a leading name for home furnishings. They produce all types of furniture from bedroom sets to living room sofas and dining tables that are both durable and affordable.

Partex is the longest-running producer of Bangladeshi-made household items with an expert understanding of making high-quality products at low prices. Because they have been producing them locally since 1967. 

From elegant bedrooms suites to cozy couches you can find your perfect piece on their website or by visiting one of 12 showrooms across Dhaka city. As well as 10 locations throughout the East Bengal region including Sylhet Divisional HQ!

3. Otobi Furniture

Otobi Furniture is a global leader in the home furnishing industry with an emphasis on Bangladeshi style. They service over 300 shopping centers throughout Asia, Europe.

And North America is looking to provide its customers with unique goods from around the world.

As of recently they have been increasing production rates by 20% while simultaneously cutting costs due to increased competition overseas. Such as China’s cheap labor market which has led many companies like Otobi to outsource their production there instead.

4. Regal Furniture

Imagine a world where all of your furniture comes from Bangladesh. It’s not that hard to do with the help of Regal Furniture.

Which exclusively manufactures its products in this nation-state and regionally sourced materials are used wherever possible. The company has an idea for every occasion or need you might have when it comes to furnishing your home.

So if you can’t find something on their website then they’ll work with you until what’s right just falls into place!

5. Navana Furniture

Navana Furniture in Bangladesh typically makes chairs, stools, and benches for the home. The company has a large market share of these types of furniture with more than 50 different products available to customers.

Who come from all over the world looking for high-quality furnishings at an affordable price.

Many people have been entranced by how beautiful Navana’s pieces are yet still cost-effective enough. That anyone could afford them- though it is tough not to want every single one!

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