The birth story of the newspaper! Awesome History From 1780

Are you know The birth story of the newspaper? The role of newspapers in our daily lives is outstanding. Its use is not limited to news only.

Newspapers have become a stepping stone to intellectual development, one of the tools of entertainment.

The role of the newspaper as a spokesperson for the realization of the rights of a nation is at the top.

The newspaper was launched a long time ago. The first newspaper was published in China.

Newspapers are said to have been first published in Venice, Italy, among European countries.

It is generally accepted that the first printed newspaper was published during the reign of Queen Elizabeth of England.

The first handwritten newspaper was introduced in the subcontinent during the reign of Emperor Aurangzeb.

Spread of newspapers in this country is the result of Western influence.

The Bengal Gazette is the first printed newspaper in Bangladesh and India.

This English periodical was first published in 1780 by James Augustus Hickey.

The birth story of the newspaper

The first Bengali periodical, Digdarshan, was published in April 1818 by John Clark Marshman from the Serampore Mission.

First Bengali-run weekly, the Bengal Gazette, was published in 1818 under the editorship of Gangakishore Bhattacharya.

The first Bengali language daily newspaper was Ishwar Gupta’s ‘Sangbad Prabhakar’. Sangbad Prabhakar was first published as a weekly in 1831 and later as a daily in 1839.

The first newspaper of Bangladesh ‘Rangpur Bartabah’ was published in 1847. The birth story of the newspaper

This Bengali weekly was published with the financial support of Kalichandra Roy Chowdhury, an enthusiastic zamindar of Kundri Pargana, Rangpur District.

In the next stage, innumerable newspapers were published and led the people of this country to the path of revolution in knowledge, science, education and culture.

Behind this is the wonderful improvement of the printing press. The birth story of the newspaper

The first newspaper and literary magazine

Name Editor Publication time
Bengal Gazette James Augustus Hickey 1780
Digdorshon (monthly) John Clark Marshman 1818
Shomachar Dorpon William Carey 1818
Sombad Koumode Raja Rammohun Roy and Bhavanicharan Bandyopadhyay 1821
Songbad Provakor Ishwar Chandra Gupta 1831
Tottobodghini Akshay Kumar Dutt 1843
Bididartho Songroho Rajendralal Mitra 1851
Mashik Potrika Parichand Mitra and Radhanath Sikder 1854
Dhaka Prokash Krishnachandra Majumdar 1861
Grambarta Kangal Harinath 1863
Bongo Dorson Bankimchandra Chatterjee 1872
Bharoti Dwijendranath Tagore 1877
Sadhona Sudhindranath Tagore 1877
Sobujpatra Pramath Chowdhury 1914
Kollol Dinesh Ranjan Das 1923
Kali-kolom Premendra Mitra 1926
Progoti Buddhadev Bose and Ajit Kumar Dutta 1927
Showgat Mohammad Nasir Uddin 1918
Angur Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah 1920
Dhumketu Kazi Nazrul Islam 1922
Langol Kazi Nazrul Islam 1922
Shekha Abul Hossain 1927
Porichoy Sudhindranath Dutta 1931
Kranti   1940
Kobita Buddhadev Bose, Samar Sen and Premendra Mitra  
Somokal Sikandar Abu Jafar  
Purbasha Sanjay Dutt Bhattacharya  
Noya Shorok   1948
Purbomeye Zillur Rahman Siddiqui and Mustafa Nurul Islam 1960
Dainik Nobojug Kazi Nazrul Islam 1941
Begom Nurjahan Begum 1927
Shikha Kazi Motahar Hossain 1949
Sondesh Sukumar Roy  
Moslem Bharot Mozammel Haque 1920
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