The Ideal AC Brand in Bangladesh

The Best Air Conditioner Brands in Bangladesh are LG, Samsung, and Hitachi. These brands are the best because they offer a large variety of products that fit any kind of lifestyle.

They also have many different models to choose from so you can find what’s right for you. But these aren’t the only Best Air Conditioner Brands in Bangladesh! There are plenty more out there if these don’t suit your needs.

Top Air Conditioner In Bangladesh

1. Walton

Walton is a company that makes air conditioners in Bangladesh. They have been able to provide cooling and ventilation for many residents of the area who rely on them during the hot season, which can last up to 6-8 months!

Living without an AC would be difficult for anyone living in this region because it gets really stinkin’ hot here! Walton has done their part by providing affordable options for those seeking relief from heatwaves all year round too, something Americans take so much for granted.

It’s also great that they’re environmentally friendly as well (less than 30% electricity consumption)!

2. Minister

Minister air conditioner is a company that provides cost-effective and environmentally sustainable heating, ventilation, and cooling systems. One such system they provide in Bangladesh is window units for homes to keep the room cool inside during summer heatwaves.

These exist because people living in rural areas of this country struggle with limited access to electricity or running water needed for central ACs. As well as expensive home gas connections necessary for some types of them like split ductless type products.

Which can be prohibitively costly if not outright inaccessible due to their location. Minister has come up with an innovative solution by providing these power options through battery-operated mini-splits.

That has been designed specifically around Bangladeshi voltage requirements so they don’t need any additional converter equipment.

3. Marcel

The Marcel Air Conditioner is the new technological advancement in air conditioning that has been gaining popularity. The only other products available are a few different models from Carrier and Trane, but they lack some of the features offered with this product. 

It was found to be less expensive than competitors by several hundred dollars while providing more power usage efficiency as well as higher levels of CO2 emissions reduction. Which leads to lower operating costs during use for both consumers and business owners alike.

Because it can save up to 30% on energy bills when using low-energy refrigerant gases like R410A. Whereas its competitor’s units typically have an EER rating between 10 – 14 SEER ratings in comparison.

4. LG

LG air conditioner is a reliable and long-lasting appliance that can be found in Bangladesh. The quality of this device has improved over time, switching from ineffective units to ones with more modern features like Energy Star certification.

LG’s ACs have always been known for their high standards when it comes to durability. But thanks to the updated technology they now use, LG appliances are also environmentally friendly!

5. Samsung

The Samsung air conditioner has been a popular choice in Bangladesh for years. It is not only one of the most affordable brands.

But it also lasts much longer than other less expensive models. Many people have come to rely on their air conditioning system during the hot summer months. When temperatures can exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit and find themselves without power or water after heavy monsoon rains.

Because they don’t know how to pack up an entire home quickly as many Westerners do at this time of year!

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