Top Selling Refrigerators in Bangladesh

A refrigerator is a household appliance that is used to store food and drinks. It’s best to have one in your home if you have the space, but what refrigerator should you get?

With so many refrigerator brands in Bangladesh, it can be difficult to choose! To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of 5 of the best refrigerators on the market today.

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Top Refrigerators in Bangladesh Market

1. Walton

Walton Refrigerators in Bangladesh is the largest manufacturer of consumer goods. Started by two Americans Walton now employs 15,000 people and produces 40% more refrigerators than any other company on earth.

Walton manufactures a variety of products including televisions, air-conditioners, and microwaves for American buyers from its factories across Asia. But it still has not managed to produce enough home appliances that are needed locally.

This gap between what they can produce domestically and demand abroad may be one reason behind their failure to grow at an impressive rate over recent years.

2. Samsung

Apparently, Samsung is one of the top brands when it comes to refrigerators. They are popular in Bangladesh too!

In fact, there has been a need for more and more repairs on these types of appliances here. Because they have such a high rate of failure. This makes sense though given that this brand isn’t made with all-metal parts like GE or General Electric.

So we can only assume why those models fare better than Samsungs do overtime?

3. LG

LG refrigerators are a popular appliance in Bangladesh. They’re the most practical and efficient way to keep food cold.

This is essential for many people who don’t have access to electricity or can only afford minimal amounts of power when it’s available. The reliability and affordability of LG appliances make them an excellent choice for Bangladeshi households on any budget size.

Because they won’t break down as quickly as other brands might.

4. Midea

Midea refrigerators are another popular choice for Bangladeshi households. As the country’s economy is rapidly growing, so too has Midea’s popularity grown to be one of Bangladesh’s leading appliance brands in 2018.

This trend will only continue as time goes on and more people enter into the middle class.

MIDEA appliances have been taking over many homes across Bangladesh at an astonishing rate! With their rapid growth, they’re now among our top five most sought-after household products.

Not just because it keeps your food fresh but also because owning a fridge means you belong to the upper echelon of society here in Dhaka. Where first-world luxuries like these come with some hefty price tags.

5. Minister

In the rural areas of Bangladesh, there is an extreme lack of electricity. As a result, people are often forced to use battery-powered refrigerators in order to keep food from spoiling too quickly.

The most common such device is called “The Minister”. It’s shaped like a square box with two doors on either side that open up so you can put your product or other foods inside it.

And close them back up for preservation purposes. These devices have been around since at least 1995 when the company was founded by Tarek Chowdhury who experienced this need firsthand as he grew frustrated watching his family.

Go hungry due to their inability to store enough fresh food away over time because they lived without power grids near plenty of agricultural land providing fruits and vegetables.

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